The Tales of the Beetle and the Bard

Oct 22


Never in a million years did I expect for that conversation to happen. But it just did? I’m afraid that things will change now. Let’s be honest.. it could either become different in a really good way, or become bad. Or it could stay the same because we’re both pretty calm people about this sort of thing. I feel like the ball’s kind of in my court. And I don’t have any idea what to do. When I finally decide, I know it can’t be because of you. You’ll obviously be a part of it, but it can’t be the whole thing. This is kind of scary, but kind of exciting.. for numerous reasons. But it’s 3:44, and if I over think this too much, I’m never going to fall asleep. Maybe it’ll just be my secret conversation for now. I used to never tell people anything, and now I’m an over sharer. This can be my first step to a happy median. Night tumblr :)

Aug 21

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If Damian Doesnt win the Glee Project…

BUT; if he does…

i will be forever happy.

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Aug 15

The song Easy basically is my life right now. Seriously though, that song’s been on repeat. Today has taught me that I’m really good at acting normal. The name of the game is officially to keep busy. Homework, going to the gym and bugging people to hang out with me will probably be my life for the next couple weeks.. Thank goodness I have the world’s best best friend.

Jun 28


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I want to be at the ocean more than anything.

I want to be at the ocean more than anything.

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Feb 03

BAM! Thank you best friend! :) Andddd some credit to boyfriend too :)

BAM! Thank you best friend! :) Andddd some credit to boyfriend too :)

Dec 15

MY PHONE WON’T CHARGE. I guess the that’s something the Droid can’t do!

Dec 09

There’s a First Time for Everything.

…including tumblr posts!

I made another tumblr today because Sam convinced me that I needed one. Now people can read all the insecure and weird thoughts I have instead of them bouncing around in my head. These will look lame for a while.. sorry to anyone who decides to follow me.

I know I said it didn’t matter, but I’m really mad you didn’t come over. I’m trying to be friends here so hard and you don’t even apologize for not coming. It bothers me. Obviously there’s more than one reason for that. I realize it’s my fault partially, well mostly, and I take full responsibility for that, but seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Today, I failed a math test (most likely), made Sierra look like she weighed 200 pounds (because I’m gifted), got slightly more creative (oh, photography), and loved English (for once). Then you decided to come over, and even though I was no help, I had so much fun with you. OH, and then Brentyn came over and we demolished a pomegrante instead of doing some anatomy homework.

Yay for pointless details! I think that’s satisfactory for my first post.. maybe?